Here’s the importance of natural pest control for your home

Nature is the best way to fight off pests and insects. If you are looking for the best pest control services, using natural pest control techniques can give you better benefits against artificial toxic pesticides and insecticides.

Pest, rodent, and insect invasions have been an uncanny occurrence in almost every part of the world. People are worried about these invasions because they not only spread diseases but also cause damage to the assets of any household. Furthermore, once the invasion begins, it becomes unstoppable to control them as they multiply every day. Be it ants, dust mites, bed bugs, termites, or cockroaches, these insects are a headache to all families. Apart from that, there are termites, flies, mosquitoes that are dangerous to the home as well as the family members. So, how to get rid of them?

Well, the first idea that will come to our mind is to call an exterminator service to get rid of these bugs and pests. But have you ever wondered what repels these insects from your home? If you ever entered your home after fumigation, you will notice a foul smell of chemicals and smoke that freed you from the invaders. But if you crack it deep down, you will know that these chemicals are toxic to humans as well. 

Alternate to toxic remedies

While many companies claim that their services and the chemicals used do not have adverse health effects on human beings, it is not to be ignored that even the slightest effect for a prolonged period can lead to a dangerous situation. This is why the use of natural pest control remedies has gained a slice of the market. The remedies are effective and natural and therefore, no added chemicals or inorganic compounds to make you fall sick.

So, what are the measures that one can take to remove the pests from the home and avoid their visit again through natural means? Take a look at the following section to find out more. But before that, we would like to bring your attention to the basics of naturally occurring best pest control remedies.

Natural pest control involves different ingredients that are naturally occurring and bio-degradable and sincerely without toxic chemicals in them. Being organic compounds, these natural pest control remedies are efficient, affordable, and you can do it yourself.

Natural pest control remedies

Most of the pests that invade your house are small insects and rodents. While some fly and invade into a small crack or crevice of your building, some prefer to ride a carrier and visit your home through pets and other visitors. Some pests find sewers and gutters and pipelines to be a better access point for them to the kitchen or hall or beds, and some hide in wooden furniture to give birth to a colony.

Whatever it may be, you don’t need to worry anymore about it. This is so because you can use the following natural ingredients to keep the pests at bay and keep following them to avoid future invasions.

  • Ants and other rodents are attracted to sugar and other forms of carbohydrates that lie on the floor or garden. So, make sure that your home is always clean. Furthermore, you can set out cucumber peels or slices at suspected entry points to restrict the entry of rats, cockroaches, ants, and other pests.
  • For those who want to control dust mites and bed bugs, the best way to control them is by maintaining the humidity and temperature of the room. Apart from regular cleaning, decluttering, and washing, you may need to cover the ducts with a filter and reduce the humidity of the room to 70% or below.
  • Boric acid and Tannic acid perform a better task at keeping these pests at bay. You will need to put a line of the acid in powdered form on the top of kitchen cabinets, ceilings, and other spaces. 
  • Soapy water is a great tool to prevent ants and cockroaches from entering your home. If you see an ant or a cockroach, make sure to spray soapy water on them.
  • Mint leaves, Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil, and basil are natural mosquitoes and flies’ repellents. Using them periodically along with small nets prevents the entry of these germ carriers into your home and affects you.

However, you must note that the list is not limited and there are several other forms of natural pest controls that you can look up on the internet. The major idea behind using these remedies is to cut down the risk one may have from the chemical toxins in other pest control remedies.