How To Organize Under Your Bathroom Sink

Is the area under your bathroom jumbled up and you are unable to find what you need? Do you continually purchase items and then later find them under your sink? It might be time to organize the space under the sink in your bathroom. By organizing this space you will be able to locate what you need quickly and will prevent you from double buying items.

To start you need to pull everything out from under your bathroom sink. Go through each item and throw away items that you don’t use or are empty. Items that you purchased but did not like or don’t want to keep you need to throw out. The majority of clutter under the bathroom sink is items that are placed there but never used. Combine items that are the same but just in different bottles. Cutting down on the clutter is the key to this step.

Now you are ready to separate all your remaining items into categories. Combine all hair products and all cleaning products. Since this is your own personal space, organize the contents to suit your personal needs.

Now you want to purchase baskets or containers to store the different items in. Consier clear totes with slide out drawers or clear baskets. This will enable you to see that is in the container and access it easily without taking everything out of the cabinet. By storing the similar items in containers it will also prevent items from being knocked around and thrown to the back of the cabinet where they can be forgotten. Keep all similar items together in one basket or drawer to ensure you are able to find what you need quickly and easily. You may also want to place hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors. This will give you a little extra space to store any necessary items as well. When purchasing containers consider the room under your sink. If you have more room you may want containers that will stack. Also put smaller items into containers to eliminate their boxes. These items may include Q-tips or cotton balls.

Once you have all your items separated and placed into appropriate containers, you are ready to place them back under your sink. When placing the baskets back under the cabinet, you want to place items that you use daily toward the front. Then place items that you will only occasionally need to access toward the back. This will ensure that you don’t have to hunt for the items that you will need in your daily routine.

You may also want to consider storing large or bulky items such as toilet tissue in a closet instead of under the sink. These large items take up valuable storage space.

By throwing away unwanted items and combining items that are similar. Then organizing the remaining items into groups and placing them in appropriate containers, you can save both time and money. You will not be spending extra time to hunt items under your sink while getting ready and you will not be purchasing extra items just to realize you already have it.