Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Trends 2021 

One of the most challenging parts while remodeling a kitchen is redoing the cabinets. It involves a lot of painting and choosing the best material for the new cabinets. In this article, you will get the trendy ideas that you can follow while remodeling your kitchen cabinets.

As we all know, trends keep changing. In 2020, all bold colors and open shelves were very much in trend. But in 2021, our taste has shifted to more sophisticated designs. Now we are more into making our kitchen elegant and modern. Below are some best kitchen cabinet remodeling tips.

Best kitchen cabinet remodeling tips

These tips will change the look of your kitchen cabinets significantly. So, use them according to your requirements. 

Use colors

Pale or white kitchen cabinets are no longer trendy. Now, you can use your favorite colors to paint the cabinets. You can use a color that matches the overall vibe of your house or you can use a contrasting color to draw all the attention. 

Use positive colors to bring energy to your space. If you are a fan of light colors, you can opt for pastels. Kitchens should always have positive and happy energy, so pick the color keeping all these in mind.

Use removable wallpapers

A majority of us do not pay heed to our cabinet’s wallpapers. With time, the wallpapers become faded and dull. If you wish to break the monotony, opt for removable cabinet wallpapers. 

With glass doors, the wallpapers will be visible from the outside and make your cabinets look gorgeous. You can also change those wallpapers and put up a new one whenever you feel like it. This is the best way to add some pop of patterns and color to your kitchen cabinets. Even if you have wooden or metal cabinet doors, the wallpapers are worth a try.

Add a crown molding

By adding crown molding on the top of your kitchen cabinets, you can add some height and make them look sophisticated at the same time. The crown must be interesting and compliment your cabinets. Hire some professionals to craft a crown for your cabinets. You can make them unique and stylish. 

Let your carpenter know all the specifications that you want and get your dream kitchen. Some people try to match the crown with the cabinet. You can also use contrasting colors to make a striking visual.

Buy new hardware

You can discard all your old cabinet hardware and buy new ones to create a unique look. You can easily replace cabinet knobs and pulls. So, visit the local hardware store and get some new hardware that will match your new look. 

Try to buy knobs of the same width so that you do not have to make new holes in the drawer. Moreover, when you remove the old hardware, some of the paint on your cabinets may get damaged, so be prepared to repaint those spots.

Go for sliding shelves

While remodeling your kitchen, you must aim to make it more functional. If you have a stylish kitchen where you cannot do anything with ease, the whole effort goes into vain. A kitchen must be accessible and functional. 

Using sliding shelves is so much in trend. They look nice and add functionality to your kitchen. Thus, roll-out bottom shelves are a must for every kitchen. The Kitchen cabinets by Zothex come with the trendiest and modern sliding shelves.

Get the best drawer dividers

Drawer dividers play an important role in keeping the drawers organized. Now, plastic drawer dividers are not your only option. You can find beautiful wooden dividers that will fit your kitchen drawers perfectly. 

When you use those, your drawer will look more organized, and you can easily readjust their spacing. Storing all your kitchen tools will be easy with a quality divider, and you will find everything easily.

Remove cabinet doors

Open shelves look elegant and airy. Try removing some of your cabinet doors to create a new look. This is a better way instead of removing the whole cabinet. You can keep some dining sets, dinnerware, and other decorative kitchen items to make the space more elegant. 

If you have some delicate and beautiful kitchen pieces, you can show those off in your open cabinet. All these will enhance the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen.

Add beadboard

Adding beadboard will spice up your boring cabinet fronts. These sophisticated and modern panels will change the whole look of your old cabinets. So, while planning to remodel your kitchen cabinets, do not forget to use bead boards to give them a classier look.


So, these are a few best kitchen cabinet remodeling tips that became trendy in 2021. These are cost-effective and easily doable ideas. So, follow them and keep your kitchen updated.