Here, at Scoops Westside, we are all about our handmade artisanal ice creams. With innovative flavors that change daily, we make sure that your every experience is a new one when you walk through our doors. Don't forget to pair your scoop (or two!) with intelligentsia drip coffee.


Enjoy your sweet treat in store or take home a pint! Either way, our promise to you, is to always deliver fresh and unique flavors that leave you satisfied!


Flavors change every day but below are some of the flavors we've had in the past (and may make a reappearance!)

Brown Brown Bread is our classic flavor, and the only flavor that is offered every time you come in! Using a combination of Grape Nuts cereal and dulce de leche ice cream, brown brown bread is a customer favorite! Other flavors that Scoops Westside has featured previously include Mint Green Tea, Sweet Potato Burnt Sugar, Salty Oreo, and Maple Cap'n Crunch.

Non-Dairy and Vegan options for our ice cream lovers! We always have a great assortment of non-dairy, vegan, and sorbet options. Previously we've sold non-dairy Green Tea Oreo, Vegan Salty Chocolate, Coconut Pandan Chocolate Chip, and Cinnamon Apple Hazelnut.

Don't forget to write on our suggestion board with your fun ice cream concoctions! We love your ideas!

3400 Overland Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90034

(323) 405 - 7055